Divorce Lawyer

When you are looking to hire a divorce lawyer, due diligence is important. An additional step or two help you choose wisely a lawyer to guide you through your divorce and the divorce-related decisions you will face.

What To Look For

First, you want to ensure the divorce lawyer has the experience to handle your case. This is critical to assess. A new lawyer can often be a good choice and may have lower fees. However, if your divorce has complicated assets to divide or other complicating issues, you will want to find a lawyer with experience in those areas. Plenty of lawyers will advertise their service for family law and divorce cases.

Divorce Lawyer
Displacement due to divorce.

Although each divorce is different several financial-related areas are important to address. The attorney should be familiar with disclosure laws in divorces with significant assets. He or she needs to know the requirements of each spouse to provide this information. Restraining orders can help when there is a risk that the other party may transfer or hide assets. Alimony is a touchy subject; the attorney should have extensive knowledge of what is allowable in Texas. When retirement funds are awarded can your divorce lawyer do the QDRO? Or will this need to be farmed out?

Children born during the marriage but not to the divorcing couple sometimes require adjudication. Children born outside the marriage but to the divorcing couple sometimes also require adjudication. Additional things determined during the divorce with children include issues of custody, visitation schedules, and child support. Your divorce attorney will need to be well-versed in this area of the family code.

What Else to Ask The Divorce Lawyer

After narrowing the field ask more questions:

  • Are you board certified in family law?
  • What is your strategy in my case?
  • What is your hourly rate? What increments of time do you bill in?
  • What other costs do you expect in my case?
  • Do you allow me to negotiate with my spouse directly? How can I keep my costs down?

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